Individual Outplacement

In today's competitive job market, where many companies are restructuring, standing out as a job seeker is vital.

Distinguishing yourself through your skills and experiences can be the key to landing your desired position amidst these changes.

Our comprehensive outplacement package is customised to meet your unique needs.

Your Personal Package

Career Coaching

Benefit from two personalised 1:1 online 30 mins sessions
with a seasoned talent professional.

Job Hunting Networking Community

Join our private online group of like-minded individuals to connect with the right opportunities, exchange ideas and job leads.

Customised Job Search

Prepare for a wealth of warm leads on where and how to apply. Benefit from the insights and tricks of experienced recruiters to supercharge your job hunt.

Resume and LinkedIn Profile Upgrade

We'll not only make your professional profile shine, making you irresistible to employers but also share secrets
how to effectively hunt for a job.

Package Cost

Your success is our priority! Let's embark on this journey together.
Get in touch today to unlock new career possibilities.

Money Back Guarantee

If we place you with one of our clients within 6 months, we will refund your fee + top it up with another £175 | $205 | €199!

Terms and Conditions Apply. Read more

Spotting hard to find talent
since 2013

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