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sales and marketing recruitment optima europe

Sales & Marketing is a vital function of any business. And there is a reason why this section follows on from digital – they are both very closely linked. Finding the right talent to spearhead your sales or marketing actions is a complex process. Deciding whether you need either a Marketing Communications Manager with vast Email, Content and Social Media Marketing experience, or a Marketing Insights Analyst with SEM/SEO, Mobile and Testing & Optimisation expertise, is no easy feat.

sales and marketing recruitment optima europe

We also have a proven track record in finding and hiring top sales talent, particularly within the marketing technology and IT sectors; be it sales hunters quick to the close, sales farmers who are customer focused, standalone sales roles going up as far as directors, or even more people-focused leaders and managers, we have your recruitment needs covered.

Optima Europe enters the fray as a marketing recruitment specialist that adds a layer of transparency to the whole process.

We use our knowledge of all the different sales & marketing technology and solutions to make sure we marry together the right blend of talent and software to provide you with the best fit.

And as you can see from what our clients say, we have a solid track record of filling such positions – right up to the most senior levels; be it Marketing Manager, Director or even Global Head of Brand… we moonlight as a marketing hub with the skills to source the ideal match for your enterprise.

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