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AI is killing recruitment

AI is killing recruitment

If you want to annoy your potential employer, do this:

  1. Correspond with the hiring manager or HR team using AI-generated templates.
  2. Read pre-written AI scripted responses to behavioural questions.
  3. Deliver AI-generated presentations.

Certainly, I've noticed these tactics becoming more prevalent in current recruitment processes, and they're not doing candidates any favours. Employers want to see your ideas, your personality, who you are, and how you think! So, these tactics above will only annoy them and lead to rejecting your application at the speed of light.

Better non-AI strategies to drive your recruitment forward are:

  1. Direct personalised message to the hiring manager or lead recruiter after applying. Show them you’ve researched the company and role (but avoid appearing desperate!).
  2. Show up to your video interview well-prepared wearing a smart casual dress as if you were attending a face-to-face business meeting.
  3. Learn how to build rapport over video conferencing or interviews.
  4. Prepare smart, engaging questions to demonstrate that you've taken the time to prepare for the interview.
  5. Send a professional and personal post-interview follow-up or thank-you message to the interviewer or recruiter.

AI has accelerated learning and improved work efficiency; however, it needs to be handled wisely. Like with everything in life, use it with a balanced approach as it will not make you an expert overnight and the potential employer will see through any shortcomings.

And finally…

No, this is not an AI-generated article, but rather something that came to my mind while vacuuming my house and having the space to think!

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