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We live in a digital world – it’s a fact. And Optima Europe recognises this. That’s why we focus part of our business on e-commerce and digital recruitment. Wherever you look, there is a huge need for skilled professionals with digital expertise. You only need to look at the job listings to see the never-ending positions open for Heads of Online, Online Marketing Managers, Customer Experience (CX) Leads, Optimisation Managers, User Experience (UX) experts; it goes on and on. However, what makes this particular segment tricky is the vast array of different platforms, providers and genres of digital that comprises it.

digital recruitment optima europe

The digital technology landscape is vast. On the backend you have infrastructure providers, then the backbone platforms, moving up to middleware providers.

Then you have the digital experience side; this could be SEO, email marketing, video and rich media, through to display / native ads, mobile marketing, and testing and optimisation.

And then there is the operational side; there are dashboards / visualisation, web & mobile analytics, channel & local marketing … as we can see, it’s a real labyrinth of intertwining relationships, platforms, tools and experts.

But don’t fret. Optima Europe leverages its in-house expertise to marry together all these different roles & responsibilities with the most suitable tech for your needs, sourcing the best digital talent for your company.

This way, you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

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