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C 19 Crisis: what's next

C 19 Crisis: what's next

My position is safe for now but is my company going to do well going forward? Am I going to keep my job in a recession? I guess most of us are thinking about what will happen after the dust settles. Let us give you a perspective here. The people on the Optima team here have seen two recessions in their professional lives and realised that there is a commonality here. If you answer yes to all 3 questions you are safe. Ready? Here we go:

1. My company offers a cheaper product/service to its competitors. In times of recession CFOs need to cut costs drastically to protect the bottom line. If they can get a similar product/service for half price then they will go for it. If your company offers a cheaper product they will capture market share and you are safe.

2. My company’s top management team is flexible and can easily adapt by reducing pricing. The reality in a recession is very different and if your company’s top management is willing to adapt quickly and keep its customers rather than stick to pre-recession pricing you are safe.

3. My company’s top management team is flexible and focused on keeping staff despite the downturn. Keeping an employee, in the long run, is cheaper than fire/hire strategy due to the knowledge gained at a job. If they are keeping you all now ie asking to take a pay cut you are safe.

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